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Multi-Product Review Focusing on Dog Treats

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When shopping for quality treats for your beloved pets, you will be faced with many decisions as there is an abundance of products. As the proud owner of two spoiled rotten dogs who are indulged with treats daily I have purchased nearly every dog treat on the market and in this multi product review I will share my experiences and thoughts about several different treats.

Among the favorites at my house is Rachel Ray’s Isaboo Booscotti peanut butter treats for dogs. These little treats are very popular with my two hounds. The treats are small little peanut butter cookies that are apparently very tasty as my dogs will sit up and beg for Rachel Ray’s Isaboo booscotti dog cookies. I found these treats at my local Wal-Mart super center for less than four dollars per bag. I think these dog treats are well worth the price.

My dogs are also crazy for Pedigree Good Bites Multi vitamin formula treats. These treats are relatively new on the market. They are a crunchy small treat with a meaty center which makes them quite popular. These treats by Pedigree are a great training treat, and a good source of vitamins and minerals essential for overall good health for dogs. You can feed up to thirty Pedigree Good bites per day depending on the dogs size. I have purchased this treat at both Wal-Mart and Kroger’s for around three dollars per bag. I would also recommend these treats to anyone who likes to treat their pet with a healthier treat than the average dog biscuit.

Dollar General offers an assortment of store brand pet treats, and as I am on a budget, and one of my dogs is of a very large size (which means he eats a lot of treats…) I have tried out mostly every store brand dog treat they offer. While my dogs are not overly picky, they prefer Dollar General wavy bacon style dog treats above all of the other store brand varieties available at Dollar General. For $1.50 you get a generous sized package of a bacon style treat that must be pretty tasty, my dogs whine and beg for this treat.

I hope this multi product review helps you to make an informed buying decision the next time you are seeking out a dog treat that is a good value and good for your dogs. There are many choices out there and it is easy to become overwhelmed when seeking a treat for your best friend.

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