Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer

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If you love to travel but do not only do so domestically, you may be struggling to find a hair dryer that can be used internationally. Many say that they can but do not have the proper voltage to back it up. That isn’t the case with the Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer. This travel hair dryer has a 220-volt option that allows me to use it in most countries all across the globe so that I never have to feel less confident in my looks while abroad. The dual voltage also provides a great deal of power, letting the Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer take care of drying every lock of my hair in no time at all. It didn’t qualify for Delicious’s travel hair dryer roundup but it was close.

Ionizer Built Right in

One of my favorite things about this hair dryer is its ionizer. The Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer works to emit negatively charged ions, and these ions are not only excellent in blocking hair damage from the heat of the dryer, they also work to eliminate static electricity. By taking away the static from my hair, I notice that my hair gets less frizzy during the day. Instead, the usual frizz that I experience seems to have been replaced with shinier, silkier hair that lasts all day long.

revlon travel hair dryer

Lightweight and Small

Another important part of a good travel hair dryer is going to be its portability. The Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer has taken this into consideration and has designed this blow dryer to be incredibly lightweight. This makes it simple to throw into my carry-on bag on a flight or simply stow it away in my checked bag as it hardly takes up any space whatsoever. The Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer is also super compact as is, and when you add in the fact that the handle folds up, this dryer definitely becomes one of the better, more compact options when it comes to travel blow dryers on the market today.

Versatile Settings

The Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer comes with 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings. The first setting is a low setting that provides warm air and is perfect for curling or otherwise styling my hair. The second setting is a high heat setting that blows hot air at a higher speed than the other setting. The latter is best for drying my hair when it is damp. There is also an airflow concentrator attachment that helps me style my hair more precisely which I thought was a very thoughtful feature.

Cold Shot Switch

Once I have finished styling my hair, the cool shot button on the Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer can be engaged for as long as I need it to. The purpose of the Revlon RVDR5010 Ionic Travel Dryer’s cool shot button is to help finalize the styling process by setting it in. With the cooler air, it prevents my hair from getting dents and bumps in it while it is still warm and impressionable. This feature saves me a lot of time and frustration so that I don’t look in the mirror before leaving the house and see that I need to go back over it and style it again.

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