The KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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I have owned a KitchenAid cobalt blue Stand Mixer for several years. I received it as a Christmas gift and absolutely love it! It is large and takes up a fair amount of space, but it is worth every inch of counter top that it uses (and I have a very small kitchen!) It is available in the Bowl-Lift Model or Tilt-Head Model.

I recommend the Tilt-Head Model. It lifts easy to remove the bowl and then locks in place when in use. This product retails for $239-$349, depending on the model you choose, but you can purchase it on sale for less.

Here are some of the highlights of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

  1. Easy to clean. The stainless steel bowl and all of the attachments are extremely easy to clean. Nothing sticks at all! You can even place it in the dishwasher to clean. Simply wipe off the outside of the appliance with a warm rag and it comes perfectly clean.
  2. 10-speed controls. You can slow stir or whip it up! There will be no splash out when you start to mix because you can slowly speed up instead of going to high speed immediately.
  3. Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Wire Whip are included with your purchase. It is simple to knead dough using the Dough Hook and it takes no effort on your part. My favorite and most used attachment is the Wire Whip. I use this for most every type of mixing. The Wire Whip is very strong and durable.
  4. Optional attachments available. There are so many other attachments available: Food Grinder, Pasta Maker, Sausage Stuffer, Juicer, Can Opener, Pasta Roller Set, and more. I personally own the Slicer and Shredder and I absolutely love the Shredder. I use it for cheese, carrots, and zucchini. It beats getting your knuckles scraped with a regular grater.
  5. Nice design and great variety of colors available. If you must have an appliance sitting out on your counter top, this is the one to have!

I highly recommend the KitchenAid Stand Mixer for anyone that spends time in the kitchen everyday or bakes a cake occasionally. You will love it!

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